Day 1 of getting lost in SF

That’s right, you heard me.. I got lost in my first 4 hours entering into the USA 🙄

Landed in San Francisco with a bucket load of nerves that you adopt when travelling alone in a foreign country.

This was taken on a snappy stroll

First things first the clipper card for travel, sorted I dominated that machine 🤓 but no so much what followed after entering the train. Can I just go on record to say that I will never complain about The Sydney transport system ever again.

We take for granted how easy they make it by us, pretty much spoon feeding us over that side of the world in terms of making it easier to get around, eliminating any panic.

Once I caught 4 different trains when in actual fact was supposed to only be one initial train to get to my transport switchover onto a bus. I was a bit scarred getting off the train and not even 10 steps out of the station I saw an individual high in something, pants down rolling on the ground… then a sales person tries to sell me something god knows what cause I’m in mini meltdown mode, tired, heavy backpack and hungry. Poor guys propbably saw something resembling this when trying to engage in conversation, I kindly declined the sales pitch with as much manners that I could muster for him to turn around and help me 🙂 yay there’s hope!!

So I start walking, tra la la la LA! This isn’t so bad, so I decided never Mind my bus (oops) I’m going to walk ! (Oops again..) lets fast forward me walking past incredibly questionable and intoxicated individuals, I reach a nice area and people giving away some sort of skin product the lady says “ what did you do to your eyes ..gesturing to the dark rings under them) I replied that I am tired and flew halfway across the world that’s what I did. So she says here have some cream that will help fix it… well now you just passed me off. Stuff you. I’m tired.

3 buses later two of which were wrong and heading in the wrong direction. I hop off and walk down the roads to my accomodation, sigh of relief a beautiful clean and quiet street. I resolve to go for an afternoon stroll once I have settled in.

Finally a clean safe street

Made it to a supermarket called Safeway, grabbed some olives, Pringle’s and raspberries as supplies with bottled water. I took a stroll through gorgeous great meadow park at Fort Mason. Sat my butt on a tree log and picked away at olives, contemplating life and questioning how I made it in one piece after my bad decision making today.

Day one pickings
Great meadow park at Fort Mason

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.. stay tuned.


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