Day 2 embracing San Francisco

So no getting lost today folks! But I did nearly turn into a popsicle cause the temperature dropped in the evening which I, in my defence thought I would be back at the hotel before then. Lesson learned to pack an extra jumper.

I just started off with a long morning walk trying to take the discreet selfie’s but this was not successful (see below)

I can hear what you’re thinking, stand still and take the photo right? Wrong ! I cringe at people staring cause of the self conscious little bean I can be so this was the product. I shall try in day 3 but there are no promises being made.

At least I got a picture 😉

I however love watching crowds of people, you get so many different characters, for instance there was a lady just chilling on the steps, this guy with his dog passes her buy on a morning stroll, she stands up proceeds to walk behind him whilst spitting in his direction. This did look like she was cursing him in some way… ex lovers perhaps? Or maybe the fact she was clearly high on something. Who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️ life is a mystery.

Forgot to smile, cause all the concentration went on walking 😂

Next I was off to do the first touristy thing ! The cable car!!!! Life is truly exciting at this point, but none the less I still look like a twit whilst being excited 😆 grab my ticket, get the info I needed and off I go to wait in line. I’m first in line so I am pretty sure I’ll get choice of seats. Oh no this lady had other plans in mind she added me to the already nearly full car. But I was determined to sit on the outside, she must get this everyday so she said there was a seat on the other side. So I walked around…nothing.. so I proceed to walk around the entire car and return to the beginning just to ask a guy to move over and if I could please sit next to him. He obliged and scooted over. Thank goodness cause I didn’t want to make a scene and walk around again with an already full car. Yaaaaaay it’s time ! And I’m off!

Ticket of course
How cool are these things 😍

And then if you know me you know I love ice cream so imagine when I turn my ticket over to discover this …

Absolute score!

So I leaned a few things on the cable car ride, 1: when going up and down the steep hills hold on or your ass will slide into the person next to you 😂 2: avoid acting like the driver is a rockstar cause he can work this contraption the old school way. 3: just hold on.

Ain’t that a contraption and a half ? I had to twist myself into a pretzel to get this picture.

Next I was off to wander just to pass time until my small tour in an old VW city tour. This van was old and shabby, but a 7 people tour with some fun people so it was an interesting experience and one I wouldn’t change and definitely not to go on the massive tourist group tours. We went to twin peaks and thankfully the city was clear from fog so we got an amazing view, I even braved asking for someone to take my photo like a proper tourist would. We even got a beer and pretzels woohoo ;). Then off to city hall, painted ladies, and Golden Gate Bridge. Have a look below for some pics.

Lombard street, got to drive down it in our vw van.
San Francisco
Guess who 🤷🏼‍♀️
Tour group with honorary van (has eyelashes)
Remember the beer and pretzels I mentioned…
Painted lady houses also known as victorians he said only about 1500 remain in SF and start from 4mil in price. If that’s a true fact then 😮
Mrs Doubtfires house
Guess who with the golden gate behind

And that concludes the tour. All that was left was my walk home with some beautiful views. I can say with absolute honesty that my favourite thing here is how the light plays in the city throughout the different stages of the day. Take a look below ❤️ stay tuned for day 3 as it’s Alcatraz day!!!!

That concludes the catch up for day 2. ❤️


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