More, more, More

Are your resolutions starting to form for the new year?

How do you imagine the world being able to develop their resolutions in such an unpredictable environment of the pandemic looming over us.

Well let me tell you !

Be flexible, be adaptable and be the crazy you want to be.

If this past year has taught us anything, it is that life if really too short to fluff around and not go after what we want. By putting off the little things, for myself, I wanted to go to Cairns for a long weekend, Tasmania for a couple of weeks and go hiking, but now with the instability that we face this has been put on the back burner for who knows how long.

Perfect example being that as soon as the NSW and QLD borders opened up I was going to visit my sister if it was the last thing I did, And thankfully i listened to my gut and went, even just for the one night.

Although I say you need to make sure you do not let the little aspirations slide, you still need to maintain a stable place of employment. Because how will you be able to enjoy the little things when you have no stable income ?

Maybe this is my mid life crisis talking, but be sure to maintain the work/life balance and enjoy life.

Forming resolutions wont be easy but give it a go, set some goals!

Stay tuned for the New Years post to find out what 2021 will have in store.


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