11 Days Down

And 3 to go!

It’s hot and all I can think about is the ocean, that cool water and sand making it’s way into the most ungodly of places. I can’t wait to walk on the beach again, only three days to go until I can do this.

Today’s view

There is a noticeable pep in everyone’s step this morning during jail-yard time, I guess cause the end is in Sight ! People are greeting one another and saying good morning, whereas this was not the case at the beginning of Quarantine as I think people were nervous, anxious and just overwhelmed with the thought of being locked up for 14 days

Along with this view comes the hay fever, heaven forbid I sneeze while out here 😫 so the self control it took to act normal, required a little more effort than usual. This has also sparked a reminder that the swab happens tomorrow.

As you can see the crazy has set in well and truly.. using a mask as a headband 😎

Day 12 brain swab with an added bonus of reaching behind my eyeball. Let’s see how this goes and wish me luck!

Day 11 MugShot. Pre-brain swab.

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